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Knowledge to Know-How.

Education that Powers Potential.

Brilliant Light Creations is an itty bitty little company that gives kids in poverty big bold huge giant dreams.

 “Lead A Brilliant Life”

• Dreams become Goals
• Goals drive Actions
• Actions fulfill Dreams
• And the keystone to Dreaming,  

   to Goals, to Action is Education

You can’t dream to be a pilot if you’ve never “met” one.  You can only dream to be a pilot if you know of pilots, understand what pilots do.  And pilots know first grade math, and second grade math, and third grade math.

Now school is directly linked to a child’s view of the world – to dreams.  School is no longer purgatory, it is someplace you go that helps you move toward your dreams.

Easier said than done you say - and I say – easier to do than you know.

This little “dream-big” company is called Brilliant Light Creations™© and our dream program is called “Lead A Brilliant Life” ™©


“Knowledge To Know-How”

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