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Blue Collar Blonde Series

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Knowledge to Know-How.

Education that Powers Potential.

“Lead A Brilliant Life”

•Teaches goal-setting to at-risk children using the principals of strategic planning business models.

•It is a plug-n-play, play-based program that links the achievement of their goals to their immediate and life-long education.

•It is delivered free in existing day-care and after-care spots where children already gather.  Using this highly effective distribution model, we only have to cover the variable cost of the physical product.

Goal focused activity is powerful, at any age.

Every kid is a natural-born learner - did you ever see a child give up learning to walk?  No matter how many times they fall, no matter how often they fail, they have a goal to walk and they work at it until they accomplish it.

Goal focused activity matters, at any age.

You may have read the book “Nudge”.  In it there is a simple and elegant example of a goal focused activity.

At an airport in Amsterdam an image of a black housefly was etched into each urinal – which is turn caused an improvement of 80% in the accuracy of the users, resulting in a dramatic improvement in restroom cleanliness. “Goal-focused activity matters.” 

– From “Nudge” by R. H. Thaler and C. R. Sunstein

We need to make education a goal-focused activity for children.  How do we make school fill a meaningful purpose in a child’s life, particularly children in poverty?


This sounds pretty heady – but it’s not.  It’s simple really.

A child’s view of their own future is limited to what they see, what they know.  If they see more, and know more, they dream more.  

So how does Lead A Brilliant Life work?

➢You need a certain foundational knowledge to build more knowledge.  
So we start with expanding a child’s world, and in turn, their universe of potential.

➢Pre-K kids are exposed to a diverse group of people doing dream-worthy occupations.  


In Pre-K the kids learn:
“A” is for architect,
“C” is for Civil Engineer,
“F” is for Federal Reserve Member;
“J” is for United State Supreme Court Justice;
“O” is for ophthalmologist;
“P” is for Pilot;
“V” is for videographer;
“Z” is for zoologist.
This also enhances literacy skills.

➢As children age we expand their ability to dream into the ability to create goals.

➢By third grade kids are creating Vision Maps from magazine photos to visualize their personal dreams.  They have a workbook to help them convert dreams to goals, and actions to take to make them concrete.

➢Each year the program expands with more information to enhance their dreams, make their goals & plans concrete, and move them in the direction of their dominant positive thoughts.

➢In the sixths through eighth grades students are supported by a program component that helps them better understand what lies ahead in middle school, high school, college or some other continuing education.

➢An architect needs math, an understanding of art, the ability to listen to people.  Knowing this, a child builds specific steps they must accomplish to move toward their goal.

➢A child defining their career in 3rd grade isn’t the objective of Lead A Brilliant Life.

➢What they dream and what they ‘plan’ isn’t as important as developing the skills to dream, to set goals, direct your actions, and take responsibility.

➢It’s like any planning process –it’s not the ‘plan’ that necessarily adds value, it is the planning process that provides the value. As Eisenhower said - “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”


Lead A Brilliant Life develops planning skills linked to education:

• creating goal focused activity,

• enhancing executive function,

• and instilling personal responsibility.


“Blue Collar Blonde Series”

A series of programs to educate women on
key areas of the law, personal finance, and goalsetting.


Law You Should Know: Legal literacy skills.


Money You Should Know: Financial literacy skills.

Lead a Brilliant Life: You can do it.


Changing Your Career, Changing Your Life.

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